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Goldkind.Pro® crib


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Goldkind.Pro® crib :

Rayonex offers as a complete solution a crib or cot made in beech nature or white. The scope of...more

Rayonex offers as a complete solution a crib or cot made in beech nature or white. The scope of delivery includes the bed, the suitable Goldkind.Pro® canopy and the fitting Goldkind.Pro® mattress underlay. The bed has a laying area of 88 cm x 55 cm. The canopy and mattress underlay are made from Goldkind.Pro® high-performance fabric what safely reduces the radiation of high-frequency, electro-magnetic and pulse-modulated radiation: Radio & TV, ISM434, LTE, ISM868, TETRA, GSM, DECT, UMTS, wireless LAN, Microwave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE2.6, WiMAX, 5GHz WI-FI, PAR-Radar, directional radio.

Technical data:

• Shielding against high frequency electromagnetic radiation
• Frequency range: 100 MHz to 18 GHz
• Attenuation (dB): up to 55 dB
• Attenuation (%): up to 99.999%
• Shielding material: Silver
• Carrier material: Polyamide
• Colour: Gold
• Thickness: 0.2 mm
• Laying area: 88 cm x 55 cm

• Perfect complete solution in case a crib or cot is not existing yet
• Dermatologically tested, extensive certificates (refer to:
• Air permeable
• Highly transparent
• Antibacterial, fungicidal (reduces bacteria, odour, etc.)
• Protection against mosquitos and insects
• Small packing size, can be folded easily
• Easy to use, easy set-up
• Washable
Scope of delivery:
• Children’s bed in beech nature or white with a laying area 88 cm x 55 cm
• Radiation protection canopy made from Goldkind.Pro® high-performance fabric
• Mattress underlay made from Goldkind.Pro® high-performance fabric
• Assembly instruction including washing instructions

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