What is bio-resonance?

Bio-resonance, particularly bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt, is easily explained by means of an example from nature. Surely, the oldest kind of biological resonance is our sunlight. If the sunlight touches our skin, regulations are triggered. The reason for this is not the heating up of the skin, but the ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight. This can only mean, the ultraviolet rays are able to encourage the generation of pigments.

A regulation system is integrated in our skin which starts pigmentation when exposed to these specific frequencies of sunlight, causing the tone of our skin to appear tanned. Pigmentation of the skin is only one of the regulations triggered by the sunlight, another one is the stimulation of vitamin D production.

It is not hard to comprehend that other frequencies exist beside the narrow frequency band of sunlight, and these also trigger off their own regulations. Back in the year of 1976, it was Paul Schmidt, who realised these connections. He established the exogenous (affecting from outside) bio-resonance which bears his name today. The special emphasis of the method lies in the elimination of causal health influences like geopathy, electro-magnetic pollution, an unbalanced diet etc.

In Germany alone, more than 5500 naturopaths and doctors working on a natural basis apply the bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt. The break-through was enabled with the professional device of the Rayonex company, the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar.