Weight reduction by metabolic activation, thyroid hormones,

Everyone knows somebody who can eat what he or she wants without gaining weight whereas others will put on weight even without consuming excessive amounts of food. One of the reasons for this is the difference in the metabolic rates in humans. Some have had a high metabolism ever since they were born, driven by the thyroid hormonest3 and t4, are slim and have a high energy conversion rate. In others, the metabolic rate is fairly slow with all secondary effects involved (inactivity, listlessness, obstipation, etc.) and put on weight quickly. These interrelations have been established by comprehensive studies (e. g., Knudsen in4082 subjects in 2008).

How is it possible to activate the thyroid and along withit the production of t3 and t4 in the body’s feedback controlsystem and the metabolic rate and in this way reduce weight? This was the main question that led to the development of the Thyreogym.

The new Thyreogym is worn around the neck for 30 minutes up to three times a day.

Research results / clinical study on Thyreogym

The approach to stimulation chosen by Thyreogym is completely new. The Thyreogym produces a special frequency spectrum developed for the stimulus of the thyroid, and it uses this frequency to stimulate it. In the roughly six-year period of development of the Thyreogym (medical productclass IIa) research results were achieved, which demonstrated that both in vitro (in the laboratory) and also in vivo (on humans) a significant stimulation is possible with the Thyreogym. Furthermore, a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study was performed on the Thyreogym, which showed a significant weight loss in the participating subjects.

Along with the use of the Thyreogym device, we recommend Thyreovital. The vegetal vital substances contained in this dietary supplement can support the natural energy metabolism and as such provide sufficient supplementation oft he required substances. Therefore, we have added a pack of Thyreovital to the device, which contains a one-month supply (2 x 2 capsules a day before meals).

The way to use of the Thyreogym

Before using the Thyreogym for the first time the users thyroid has to be checked by a doctor (Ultrasonic testing and possibly blood test). If the medical check up allows the usage of the Thyreogym the treatment can start.


The new Thyreogym is a class IIa medical device to...

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Thyreovital (1 month supply)

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