The human body contains both acids and bases. Due to numerous negative influences, such as stress, an unbalanced diet, environmental toxins, drugs, electromagnetic pollution, etc., the majority of the population suffers from an imbalance in the body's acid-alkaline ratio. A lot of people exhibit excess acid and an alkaline deficiency. This is known as 'hyperacidity'.

In Naturopathy, the acid-base balance is regarded as one of the pillars of health. People whose acid-base balance is disrupted tend to exhibit numerous energetic deficits in the test using Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. Suitable basic mineral supplements, such as Rayobase can help re-establish a healthy acid-base balance.

However, our experience shows that deacidification and detoxification are only effective when using alkaline baths, stockings or body wraps.

Because alkaline baths should be an integral part of many detoxifying treatments, many years ago now, we developed the basic bath additive Rayosole. Rayosole is a popular, proven and high quality product. It is a sensitive basic bath additive which is particularly well-suited for people with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.

For people who are strongly hyperacidic, deacidification with Rayosole is often no longer sufficient. This observation prompted the development of a new alkaline bath additive. Based on experiences with Rayosole and in collaboration with Andrea Hofmann, herself an expert in basic bathing, we developed Rayosole®plus, a new alkaline bath additive. Rayosole®plus is optimalin aspects that go beyond its effects. Its energetic pattern, ecological properties and dosage have also been optimised.

Rayosole®plus, 100g

100 g test pack

order number: 3441


Rayosole®plus with 8 pH Sticks

suffice for at least ten full body baths or about 70 foot...

order number: 3442


Rayosole®plus, 3000 g

multipack contains a total of 3,000 g in three 1,000 g...

order number: 3443


Rayosole®plus Glass Jar

perfect container for your precious Rayosole®plus bathsalts

order number: 34440


100 pH Sticks

easy way to find the right pH value

order number: 3440


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