New company buildings

The Rayonex Biomedical GmbH in Lennestadt-Meggen employs 52 staff members at present. Because of a sharply increased demand on the export sector, with a special focus on the European and Asiatic markets, the business enterprise called for extension. Extraordinary products deserve an extraordinary presentation. Therefore the pyramid shape was selected for the company building. After all, just like the pyramids, the bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt still has so many secrets to reveal – a very exciting assignment for the future.

The Main Pyramid provides sufficient space for future developments, production and sales. At present, the slightly smaller Event Pyramid is used for teaching, seminars, lectures and training courses for student groups from our country or from abroad. The school for naturopaths belonging to the Paul-Schmidt-Academy is also housed in the Event Pyramid.

On the 31st of October - the birth date of Paul Schmidt - the third Pyramid, accommodating the therapy centre, was completed. Following the holistic approach of the bio-resonance, the pyramids were built on interference-free grounds, the risk of electro-magnetic radiation for the staff was reduced to a minimum, the integration of a geothermal heating system, solar concepts and a system for recycling rainwater ensure the environment-friendly handling of precious resources. The interior of the pyramids is fully illuminated by full spectral light, the work places can be adapted to individual needs in so far as temperature, light and ventilation are concerned. The Sauerland-Pyramids are an impressive symbol for the holistic attitude of the Rayonex company; we do not use words alone, we also live up to them. Therefore, even with business increasing considerably, modern production technology, patent rights and a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 13485 assure the high quality standard of the Rayonex products.