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Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has been manufacturing the Mini-Rayonex for over 30 years now. More than a 100,000 units have been produced so far. As per the 7th of December, 2015, it will be replaced by a new Mini-Rayonex with a stronger intensity.   

In our experience, there are many other frequency spectra that are able to activate regulations in our organism, like the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the vitamin D balance, the pigmentation and the formation of melatonin.  Guided by the principles of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt the fundamental frequency value 12.5 was integrated into the Mini-Rayonex through a dipole antenna system. Cell biological investigations reveal that this could have a very positive impact on the cell metabolism and the fundamental regulatory capacity of the organism for self-regulation.

Instructions for use: While lying down, just bring the Mini-Rayonex into contact with your body or that of an animal (max. 2 m distance from the body) and make sure the label faces upwards  – preferably by night. When carrying the Mini-Rayonex in a bag, the label must point away from the body.

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